Workouts: Into the Woods, 100 Bottles of Squat on the Wall, Free at Last, Bodyweight Delight, Skill: pullups, handstand, Do Work, Furiouser and Furiouser, Yesterday's Backside, 2 min AMRAP wall balls, Zombies!, 2=1 is true=false, Unbroken wall ball, Unbroken double unders, May flowers, Just a minute, run, hspu + t2b, run, DT, Killer Petey - Conditioning, Alternate 8: toes to bar, handstands., Alternate 5: hill sprint, 2/2 Turkish get ups, K2E / KB snatch, One... ah ha ha ha... Two... ah ha ha ha..., Making stuff up, Ingredients :: Recipe, Skill: handstand, double unders, Most hardest, Express train, Alternate 8: bridge, hip touches., Ted Bundy, EMOM 8: 5 HSPU, 3 l pull ups, Holy Roman Empire, Roman Empire, Alternate 8: toes to bar, bridge, Confederate States of America, Xiongnu Confederacy, Mongolian People's Republic, Alternate 8: skin the cat, hollow body holds., Paris is a Wuss, Hector & Ajax Throw Stuff, Over the Grecian Wall, 15.3 Open WOD, Alternate 8: hollow hold, double unders, Moses Sithole, Charles Manson, Alternate 8: skin the cat, balance, Andrei Chikatilo, Alternate 8: forward rolls, toes to bar, Ahmad Suradji, Alternate 8: bar muscle ups, Turkish get ups, Dewey-fied, Daniel Caramago, Alternate 8: pull ups, Turkish get ups, Peter Niers, Alternate 8: ring rows, L sit, Liu Pengli, Tiago Henrique Gomes da rocha, Prepatory Poison, Helene Jegado, Alternate 8: pistols, Bridge, Roman Republic, Alternate 8: double unders, bridge., Elizabeth Bathory, Planked, Roman Kingdom, First Persian Empire, Macedonian Empire, Run 500, Republic of Texas, Alternate 8: Hollow body hold,Kb snatch, Alternate 8: L pull ups, handstands, Yuan Dynasty, Utopia, Kingdom of Atlantis, Mongol Empire, 15.1 Open WOD, Alternate 8: double unders, bar muscle ups, Invocation, Juno's Fury, Beg for Achilles, Olympian Penalty Box, Neptune Dives In, Ajax on the Beach, Alternate 8: hollow hold, pistols, Wang Qing, 12 Days of Christmas, Alternate 8: double unders, l-sit., Karl Denke, 1 min AMRAP squat cleans, 90 second AMRAP strict HSPU, 50 cal row, 30 toes to bar, Alternate 8: L sit, Turkish get up, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, John Adams, Alternate 8: hollow hold, bridge, John Quincy Adams, Alternate 8: handstand, superman hold., James Monroe, CrossFit Portland competitors wod, Alternate 8: bar muscle ups, pistols, Martin Van Buren, Alternate 8: skin the cat, hollow body hold, William Henry Harrison, Counting Down the Killers, Thug Behram, James Madison, AMRAP 1: push jerks, It's all coming together, Alternate 8: ring push ups, jump rope, James polk, Zachary Taylor, EMOM 8: 25 double unders, 5 toes to bar, Byzantine empire, California Republic, Catalogue of the Forces, EMOM 5: cleans, 1 min AMRAP: cleans, EMOM 8: 5 toes to bar,15 back extensions, Diomed's Body Count, Tabata pullups, Tabata pushups, The King Takes the Field, Alternate 8: hollow hold, Turkish get ups, Night Fight, Open WOD 14.4, 49 reps, Me Thinks the bar Doth Hang Too Much, Extra Wide, 3 Round Fight, The Toe Bone is Connected to the Box Bone, Isn't There a Push up Inside a Burpee?, EMOM 8: 5 toes to bar, 5 box jumps, John Tyler, Millard Fillmore, Andrew Johnson, EMOM 8: 2/2 Kb snatch, 5 toes to bar, James Buchanan, Racked, We're all presidential, Franklin Pierce, Chester A. Arthur, 8 min: 3*4 skin the cats, 3*25 back extensions, James A. Garfield, Return of the Squat Princess, Still Alive After Five, March Out, Alternate 8: ring dips, handstand work, Abe Lincoln, Rutherford B. Hayes, Alternate 8: hip touches, double unders, Ulysses s. Grant, Alternate 8: hip touches, hollow body hold, So Many Balls, Benjamin Harrison, EMOM 8: 5 box jumps, 5 chest to bar pull-ups, Grover Cleveland, Tabata pull ups, William McKinley, Tabata hollow body hold, Papa got a brand new GHD, EMOM 8: 2/2 pistols, 25 double unders, Kingdom of Sumer, EMOM 6: hang clean, clean. AMRAP 1: cleans., EMOM 8: 5 ring rows, 6 meters HS walk, Alternate 8: toes to bar, Turkish get up, Akkadian Empire, Babylonian Empire, USSR, Kingdom of Hawaii, EMOM 10: 3 squat cleans, Weimar Republic, Ethiopian Empire, Alternate 8: 2 for 1 wall ball, bridge, Warsangali sultanate, Battle Nap, Alternate 8: chest 2 bar pullups, pistols, Girdle of Venus, Alternate 8: ring push ups, Kb snatch, My Hair is Sore, pt. 2, Abdominal Deception, Faux Achilles, Achilles gets new Armor, 15.4 open WOD, Alternate 8: hollow body rocks, double unders, Don't Call it a Swing, It's been a Lunge for Years, No Mr. Bond, I Expect you to do Wall Balls., Overheard Overhead, Low Box, Primarily, That's a Crummy Clean, Rubber and Cement, Will Your Center Hold?, Nothing for Everyone, So Today is a Leg Day?, High on Fives, Do What First?, Double Decker, It Does NOT Smell as Sweet, Equilibrium Lost, I Dream of Thrusters, Of Two Faced Gods, I Can Bearly Jump, Want Rest? Go Faster., You Talking to Me?, A Dangerous Greed, The Penalty Bell, The Wristecutioner, Active Rest = Squats, Birthdaze, Arms Race Erase, My Ladder is Made of Barbells, Keep Your Gear Close, Bracket Run Bracket, Open WOD 14.5, 400m Run, 500m Row, 2000m Row, Woodrow Wilson, That's What we Do, 5000m Run, 1600m Run, 5000m Row, Nicolas Ridiculous, My Own Private Ab Swing, What's Left for my Arms to Bear?, Pistol Whipped, Tabata Double Unders, Pick Up and Run, The Russians are Coming! Row Faster., No Squat Required, No Squat Required 2, Toes on the Bar, Toes in the Air, R&D gives us Q&D, There's Still Tape from 2 Years Ago, Drink Me (Alice), Who Has Legs?, Undercover Couplet, Same Bar, Same Suck, You Sit There, I'll Flip Around on this Bar, The 64th Squat, I Gotta Remember NUMBERS?, 14.1 Open WOD, Two AMRAPS for the Pain of One, Boxing Fran, Short Rope 'Em, I Brake for TGUs, Sit It, Flip It, Anyhow?, Yes, Burpees is ALWAYS Capitalized, 14.2 Open WOD, 12 minutes of Work, Snat Ches, 200 meters, 14.3, I Won't be Able to Feel my Arms Tomorrow, Show me the Shamrock, Stay Back, Pukers!, No Time for Character Development, Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Grip Killing, Rung Done, I Heard You Stopped Doing Your Plank Challenge, Three 3 Minute Parties, April May Shower Flowers, Because Seven Ate Nine, Foolish Mortals, Who Will Watch the Watches?, A Gajillion Giggling Gymnasts, What Are You Doing?, Partner Slog, SsSsSs, Burpee tax, 2 minutes is a workout?, Incan Empire, William Howard Taft, Ottoman Empire, Save the Body, Xanthus, the Talking Horse, Immortal Free for All, Fighting the River, Body Round the Town, Alternate 8: ring rows, double unders, Take Back your Hero, 15.5 open wod, Alternate 8: toes to bar, pistols, Alternate 8: muscle ups, hollow body hold., Death of Achilles, Labor = Taxes, Stamp Act 1765, Tax Protestor be Gone, Tax Shelter, Civil War Births the IRS, Let's Move to Monaco, Tax Holiday, EMOM 8: 5 ring push-ups, 3/3 Kb snatches, Alternate 5: hill sprint, ME bar muscle ups, Value Added Tax, Flat Tax, Tax Inversion, Tax and Spend CrossFitters, Shell corporation, Tax bracket, Tax day, Alternate 5: hill sprint, 3 skin the cats, Pigovian Tax, THC Tax, Tax Incidince, Sin Tax, EMOM 8: 3 power snatches, Alternate 8: hollow hold, bar muscle ups, Deadweight Loss, Excess Burden of Taxation, Direct vs Indirect taxes, Sales tax, Luxury Tax, Expatriation Tax, Cost of Compliance, The Kicker, Alternate 8: chest to bar pullups, double unders, Tithe, Death and Taxes, A Rose by Any Other Name, Violets are Blue, Dandelion Spray, Lotus Blossom, Rhododendron , St. John's Wort, Alternate 5: 3 power snatches, hill sprint, Chrysanthemum, Lily Bulb, Blue Rose, Hawaiian Hibscus, Alternate 8: cartwheels, L sits, Poppy Fields, Belladonna, Bellis Perennis, Syringa Vulgaris, Cardoon, Peony, Lavendula angustifolia, Hosta, Alternate 8: floor levers, wall walk, Mahonia aquifolium, Dicentra formosa, Alternate 8: hollow body hold, cartwheels, Camassia quamash, Aquilegia formosa, Sticky Monkeyflower, One Sunday in May, Daggerpod, Lomatium cookii, Desert Indian Paintbrush, Coastal Sneezeweed, Squat loves me, Squat loves me not, 17 year cicada, Alternate 8: chest to bar pullups, cartwheels, American Cockroach, Reduviidae, Wolly Bear, Alternate 8: L-sit, bar muscle ups, Armadillidiidae, Fruit Flies, Scarabaeus Sacer, Oregon swallowtail, Aphid, Cow Killer, Bed Bugs Bite, Scorpion, Termites, Crickets, EMOM 8: 3 push press, Praying Mantis, Dragonfly, Water Strider, Hornet, Housefly, Potato bug, Milipede, Katydid, Centipede, Earwig, Stick bug, Horsefly, Bombardier Beetle, Silverfish, Midges, Sahelanthropus tchadensis, Orrorin tugenensis, Ardipithecus Kadabba, Ardipithecus ramidus, Australopithecus anamenis, Australopithecus afarensis, Australopithecus garhi, Paranthropus aethiopicus, Australopithecus africanus, Alternate 8: double unders. Pistols, Homo rudolfensis, Homo habilis, EMOM 8: toes to bar, Paranthropus robustus, 5*3 clean + AMRAP at 80%, Alternate 3: rope climb, 20 GHD, Paranthropus boisei, Australopithecus sediba, Homo Heidelberginsis, Homo erectus, Homo ergaster, Homo georgicus, Alternate 8: ring push-ups,bridge, Homo florensis, Red Deer Cave People, Denisovan, EMOM 8: KB snatch, Piltdown man, Homo sapiens idaltu, Kaldi the goatherd, Homo sapiens sapiens, Ethiopia, Crushed beans wrapped in fat, Kati?, Port of Mokha, How the Sufis got their whirl back, Qawah, Thanks for the coffee cup, Turkey!, The Seige of Vienna, Sultan Murad says no to Coffee, 7 beans from Mecca to india, 50 burpees, A Penny for your Crops, Detox, Battle of North Hollywood, Judiciary Act of 1789, Bobbies and Peelers, Show Me your Gendarmes, Alternate 8: handstand, strict toes to bar, Haymarket Riots, Meet the Pinkertons, NYPD 1845, SWAT Them, Sybionese Liberation Army, Continuum of Force, Shire Reeve, The Baton, Franklin on the Police, Alternate 8: double unders, toes to bar, K-9, The Badge, Citizen Review Board, August Vollmer, Volstead Act, Bonnie and Clyde, FBI, George Streeter, Boston Police Union, 41, Bull, Crips, Raymond Washington, Stebbs, Bloods, Bowery Boys, Boss Tweed, Five Points Gang, La Cosa Nostra, Whyos, Alternate 8: double unders, strict toes to bar, Tongs, Latin Kings, Midwestern Gang Romance, Murder, Inc., Alternate 8: double unders, strict handstand push ups, Lepke, People vs. Folk, Made in Prison, La eMe, Aryan Brotherhood, Mi Barrio, Left Pant Leg or Right?, Zoot Suit Riot, Black Guerilla Family, 18th street gang, Mara Salvatrucha 13, Everybody Gang, The Chosen One, Damsel in Distress, The Dark Lord, Star Crossed Lovers, Wise Fool, Some Literary Cliche, Revenge as Motive, Villian = Hero, Alternate 5: 10m handstand walk, 15 back extensions, Hate Before Love, The Loner Hero, Same Start, Different Ends, Journey to the Underworld, But I'm not dead Yet, Actually of Royal Blood, Hubris, Rags to Riches, Typical, A Hidden World, Crisis Love, Montage Scene, 100 burpees, Binary, Happily Ever After, Wise and/or Grumpy Mentor, Unpardonable Turkey, EMOM 8: 5 pullups, 2/2 pistols, My Backpacks got Jets, EMOM 8: handstand, paralette balance, If You Strike Me Down, Force Choke This!, What a Wookie, Alternate 8: push ups, hollow holds, The Price of Real Estate on Alderon, Fully Operational Jump Squat, Alternate 8: push-ups, toes to bar, Don't Kiss Your Sister, Card Player to Cloud City, Carbonite Dreams, Star Wars Reference, Moisture Farming!, Spoiler, Alternate 5: 1 minute jump rope, 5 strict toes to bar, Cantina Time: 5/4, Alternate 5: 3 bent over rows, 1 minute handstand practice, Squats are Only Hope, Alternate 5: 1/1 Turkish get up, 8 ring rows, Use the Farce, Suspicious Senator, At At Wrap, Droid Chop Shop, A Hutt Big Enough to Live in, Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner, Jabberwocky, This is Just to Say, The Wasteland, Darth Wally, I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud, Anyone Lived in a Pretty How Town, Alternate 8: double unders, push ups, Sailing to Byzantium, Character of the Happy Warrior, Appeal to the Grammarians, Alternate 8: bridge, ring dips, Howl, Hymn to the Night, A Coffin is a Small Domain

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