1RM Deadlift

Lift the heavy thing one time from the floor to your waist.

- Wally

1RM Front Squat

Down and Up, one time - as heavy as you can go.

- Wally

1RM Overhead Squat

1 rep for weight. Have someone watch you for proper depth.

- Wally

1RM Push Jerk

One rep for max weight.

- Wally

1RM Push Press

One rep for max weight. no jerking, ya jerk.

- Peter

1RM Shoulder Press

1 Rep max. No assist from the legs.

- Wally

1RM Snatch

1 Rep for weight. Floor to Overhead in one motion. Squat, Power, Split... whatever you got.

- Wally

1RM Turkish Get up

Right side and left side with no break in between. Stand up and sit down with the weight in one arm and then repeat on the other side.

- Wally

2 min AMRAP wall balls

10 ft target for men, 20 lb ball
9 ft target for women, 14 lb ball

As many reps as possible in 2 minutes. Rest as much or as little as you want.

- avi

2 minutes is a workout?

2 minute AMRAPs with 1 minute rest inbetween

Box Jumps (24")
Wall Balls (20/14)
Rowing (for calories)

total all your reps for the score.

- Wally

20 rm jerk + me push press

Find your 20 rm jerk

Rest 1 minute

ME push press with the same weight

Score = weight
Put number of push presses in the comments

- Wally

200 meters

For time:

Run 200m
3 laps lunges
30 wall ball
Run 200m
15 box jumps (30")
30 push ups
Run 200m

- Wally

2000m Row

Row 2000 meters as fast as possible.

- Wally

2=1 is true=false

3 rft
30 Kb swings (24/16)
25 split jumps (2=1)
20 push ups

- Wally

3 Max Pull ups, 3 Max Ring Dips

Take 15 minutes to do
3 sets of max pull ups
3 sets of max ring dips

no kipping.

score = total reps

- Wally

3 Minute AMRAP clean and jerk

Exactly what the title says. Warm up properly. Find a good weight and then do as many reps in 3 minutes as you can.

If your form gets crummy, take a break and re-focus.

List your weight in the comments.

- Wally

3 Round Fight

3 rounds
10 sit ups
10 dead hang pull ups
1 lap suicide sprints

3 rounds
10 double unders
10 squats
1 corner sprint

3 rounds
10 push press
10 mountain climbers
10 power cleans

- Wally

3RM Back Squat

Maximum weight you can squat for 3 consecutive reps.

- Wally

3RM Bench

How much weight can you bench press 3 times in a row. Bar must touch chest and elbows must lock out for every rep.

- Wally

3RM Clean

Maximum weight you can clean (full or power) for 3 consecutive reps.

- Wally

3RM Clean and Jerk

3 rep max of clean and jerk.

This should be done with minimal rest (a couple of breaths) between reps.

- Wally

3RM Deadlift

Maximum weight you can deadlift for 3 consecutive reps

- Wally

3RM Front Squat

Maximum weight you can front squat for 3 reps. Russian grip is acceptable - as is the standard front rack position.

- Wally

3RM Overhead Squat

Maximum amount of weight you can overhead squat 3 times in a row.

- Wally