I may or may not have done an extra 10 pull ups. Somewhere between 60 & 70 I got a bit confused, felt like I might have skipped 10 and so did 10 more just to be sure.

Pull ups were done at 5:30. set of 20, then 10s until about 70, then 5s to the end. After each set of 10, I'd walk away from the bar for a moment.

Push ups were done at 11:00-ish. Sets of 10 for 2, a couple of sets of 5 then sets of mostly 4 and some 3s to the end.

Sit ups were done at 13:15-ish. Took a break at 60.

I felt like squats were kind of wussy. Break at 50, 70 and 85. Maybe I knew I was gonna beat my old time anyway and wanted to leave room for next time.

Wally on 2011-09-10
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